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What Are The Benefits Of Using Automated Systems?

Automation systems play a huge part in reducing Rod Failures and improving quality assurance thus resulting in substantial operating cost savings to all users.

How Can Automated Systems Eliminate Uncontrolled Variables And Human Errors?

This process effectively eliminates uncontrolled variables caused by the rig operator, human error, and the rig’s hydraulic system such as, engine RPMs, flow rates, and hydraulic pressure. The ability to systematically monitor and automatically control the specific power tong’s speed and desired performance for each make-up connection is exceeding more reliable than a plastic rod carding process.

Can You Give Us An Example Of How Data Monitoring Works And How Data Acquisition From Automation Systems Can Be Used For Graphs, Charting, History And Documentation?

Automation systems allows for the GPS location of the assets, remote “Log Ins” to the HMI that allow remote services, communications, and on and off-sitesupervision. The well information, job description, performance data, reports, charts and graphs are all stored and are archived for later use when needed.

Did You Have Significant Challenges While Developing This Technology?

Yes, one of the difficulties was working inside the hazardous zone of the well site. At the operator’s stand, the explosion proof touch screen HMI communicates with other hardware modules that were keep outside the hazard area by using industrial blue tooth communications.

Why Were You Interested In The “New Technology Partner” Sponsorship For This First Time Event?

The timing and significance of the Permian Artificial Lift & Production Optimization 2014 Conference is perfectly well suited for us to introduce our new technology for making-up sucker rod connections to the industry. All of the Stable Data System’s development and testing is headquartered and has occurred in the Permian Basin.


Stable Data System - Class 1 Division 2 Hazxard Rated Touch Screen HMI

Stable Data System - Stable Torque Trailer

Stable Data System - Enclosed Cargo Trailer Mounted Unit

Stable Data System - Skid Mounted System